We are advanced acoustics, sound and vibration engineers, experts in management, leadership and execution of high value, innovative projects for particularly complex situations in urban, environmental, architectural and industrial environments.

With a network of specialists and multidisciplinary professionals, we train and provide the very best team of experts for each project.

Acoustic specializations

Kenoise and intelligent management of acoustic contamination

Noise managers, development of preventive, reactive and acoustic pollution control strategies.

Acoustic characterization of materials and transducers

Acoustic characterization of acoustic materials and transducers, speakers and microphones. Measurements of specific parameters.

Numerical simulations

Acoustic simulations in outdoor environments, enclosures, speakers, etc. Propagation of underwater acoustics

Underwater acoustics

Analysis of the acoustic impact of offshore maritime activities.

Advanced vibroacoustic projects and measurements

Acoustic and vibration measurements. Architectural, industrial and environmental acoustics.


Bespoke courses for acoustic engineering, noise and vibrations.

The effects of the state of alarm on noise pollution

The effects of the state of alarm on noise pollution

The unprecedented Covid-19 health crisis and the declaration of the state of alarm in the Spanish state, placing restrictions on movement, industrial and leisure activities, have led to sharp reductions in environmental acoustic contamination. Two roads were analysed:...

“Thanks to the commitment of Keacoustics’ engineers, we have standardized calculations of environmental sound quality indexes for IoT noise sensors of different brands”

Marina Rodriguez Aliberas

Projektleiterin Smart City
Öffentliche Beleuchtung & Smart City – Elektrizitätswerke des Kantons Zürich

“We expand the skills of our mechanical engineers with specific training in noise control, vibrations and vibro-acoustic engineering methods”

Nicola Cofelice
Mechanical Engineer, HW Robustness and Acoustics, Large Format Printing Division, HP Inc, Hewlet Packard

“The certification of the public address system installation with the Keacoustics experts gives us the peace of mind of delivering the installations to the client with the maximum guarantees”

Pedro Gil
Responsible for testing and commissioning of the communication systems of the L9 / L10 of the Barcelona Subway. UTE Energía L9

“In the environmental impact assessment of seismic campaigns, we have been fortunate to entrust the underwater propagation model in Keacoustics”

Mariluz Parga
Head of Projects, Submon


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