Advanced acoustical engineering project in a Smart city environment

We have efficiently solved a problem involving providing autonomous noise measuring sensors in different locations in the city of Barcelona that did not previously allow a correct comparison of noise pollution values to be made. 

The city of Barcelona has indeed an extensive network of autonomous noise measuring sensorsspread over different hot spots in the city in order to control and manage noise pollution.

In order to overcome this challenge, Keacoustics performed an exhaustive measurement campaign by implementing the KENOISE technological solution. The compatibilitywith any brand of autonomous noise sensor, the flexibility and modularity of the solution led to the project being completed at a much lower cost and with a lot fewer resources. With the help of computer simulations, a set of corrective factors was obtained based on the location of the autonomous noise sensor.

As a result of this, the technicians and managers have the undistorted noise pollution values and can apply their strategies and actions with fully objective decision making abilities.

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