Strategic partners in acoustic engineering, noise and vibrations. Collaborators committed to your challenges.


Strategic partners in acoustic engineering, noise and vibrations. Collaborators committed to your challenges.

Discover our acoustic specializations

Kenoise and intelligent management of acoustic contamination

Noise managers, development of preventive, reactive and acoustic pollution control strategies.

Acoustic characterization of materials and transducers

Acoustic characterization of acoustic materials and transducers, speakers and microphones. Measurements of specific parameters.

Numerical simulations

Acoustic simulations in outdoor environments, enclosures, speakers, etc. Propagation of underwater acoustics

Underwater acoustics

Analysis of the acoustic impact of offshore maritime activities.

Advanced vibroacoustic projects and measurements

Acoustic and vibration measurements. Architectural, industrial and environmental acoustics.


Bespoke courses for acoustic engineering, noise and vibrations.

KeNoise. Intelligent management of noise pollution

  • Direction and elaboration of sound projects integrating urban and periurban areas.
  • Concrete and objective detection of noise sources.
  • Detection and Control of noisy events: Construction, industry, communication channels, leisure activities, municipal services, …
  • Management of quiet areas, of silence and special acoustic care.
  • Methods of objective comparison of the acoustic indicators measured by devices at different heights, facades.
  • Integration into a single analysis of the different environmental measurement devices, of different magnitudes (air, acoustics, lighting, etc.) and from different suppliers and manufacturers.
  • Mitigation of the responsible source and Compliance with the acoustic quality values.
  • Evaluation of the strategic maps and definition of zones.
  • Installation, start-up and operation of the customizable and independent online noise management tool that integrates professional services and environmental devices: KENOISE

Characterization of materials and transducers

  • Laboratory and on-site characterization of mechanical and acoustic parameters of materials.
  • Measurement of acoustic absorption coefficient in reverberation chamber in compliance with UNE-EN ISO 354.
  • Measurements of vertical and horizontal airborne sound insulation in compliance with the UNE-EN ISO 140 family of standards.
  • Measurement of directivity and acoustic transducers frequency response in anechoic chamber.
  • On-site sound source frequency response measurement.

Numerical simulations

  • Exterior acoustic simulations according to ISO 9613.
  • Simulations in acoustic rooms: wave acoustics, statistical acoustics and geometric acoustics and ray-tracing.
  • Underwater acoustic propagation models: RAM and BELHOP.

 UNDERwater acoustics

  • Underwater acoustic propagation modelling in compliance with environmental assessment framework.
  • Estimation of acoustic footprint of underwater noise from off-shore operations
  • Exclusion zone determination for marine mammals (SEL, SELcum, RMS, PEAK , frequency weighting), according to ACCOBAMS, NOOA and Southall criteria.
  • Acoustic impact studies according to RD 79/2019 and Marine Directive 2008/56 / CE according to Descriptor 11.
  • Impulsive Noise: Temporal and spatial distribution of impulsive noises in the range of 10 Hz to 10 KHz (SEL and PEAK) above the threshold affecting animals.
  • Continuous Noise: Evolution and annual RMS trend for centre frequency 1/3 octave band 63 Hz and 125 Hz, in dB ref at 1μPa.
  • Underwater noise measurements and numerical modelling of underwater propagation using specialized KEWATER software.

Advanced acoustic projects and measurements

For the industrial environment

  • Acoustic conditioning projects for industrial premises with high noise levels.
  • Acoustic insulation projects in industrial environments.
  • Measurements of occupational noise exposure in compliance with RD 286/2006 or equivalent national laws.
  • Ultrasound measurements.
  • Vibration measurements.
  • Speech intelligibility measurements in industrial environments.
  • Vibration and noise path identification with Transmission Path Analysis methods.
  • Experimental Modal Analysis and Operational Modal Analysis.

For the environmental environment

  • Acoustic impact assessment studies for new infrastructures, communication routes, airport facilities, etc.
  • Outdoors acoustic simulations in compliance with ISO 9613.
  • Noise maps based on acoustic measurements and predictions.
  • Integration of environmental data based on GIS (Geographic Information Systems).
  • Action plans according to European Directive END 2002/49/EC.
  • Acoustic impact assessment of activities, neighbourhood facilities, etc. in compliance with Act 16/2002 and Decree 176/2009 and other national laws
  • Environmental impact assessment studies for marine activities.

For the architectural environment

  • Pre-Auditing.
  • Insulation predictions against airborne noise and impact noise as per UNE-EN ISO 12354, and in compliance with CTE DB-HR or other national laws.
  • Acoustic conditioning projects in all types of enclosures (multipurpose rooms, theatres, auditoriums, waiting rooms, restaurants, private use, etc.).
  • Environmental impact assessment studies in accordance with applicable laws and regulations.
  • Vibration and noise path identification with experimental Transmission Path Analysis methods.
  • Measurement of reverberation time and chamber parameters in compliance with UNE-EN ISO 3382.
  • On-site measurements of room-to-room airborne noise insulation in compliance with UNE-EN ISO 140-4, and evaluation as per UNE-EN ISO 717-1.
  • On-site measurements of façade airborne noise insulation in compliance with UNE-EN ISO 140-5, and evaluation as per UNE-EN ISO 717-1.
  • On-site measurements of room-to-room impact noise insulation in compliance with UNE-EN ISO 140-7, and evaluation as per UNE-EN ISO 717-2.
  • Design of public address systems, PAVA systems and electroacoustic reinforcement according to EN54 and EN6089:1998

Consulting and advice

State-of-the-art science and technology in acoustics, noise and vibrations. Assessment in product or service analysis and design stages; execution, implementation and validation. Expert assessment in all projects with noise and vibration issues. Assessment in the definition of acoustics laws and regulations. Performing expert reports.


  • University teaching in acoustics in Degrees and Masters of Engineering
  • Basic 12-hour acoustic course.
  • Customized training programs, both for companies and institutions.
  • Workshops to carry out real measures according to applicable laws and ISO regulations with acoustics instrumentation and commercial acoustics modelling tools.
  • Customized training for acoustics engineers.

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